zanders – Traces Lyrics

  • zanders – Traces Lyrics

zanders – Traces Lyrics

Leaving traces of each other in the rooms of one another
A hair tie, a lighter, a hat wouldn’t want to
forget that feeling of being next to you.
It was foggy the night I told you, but I remember it clearly
Heading somewhere from Elsewhere, it was late.
Just as trite as it is true, I’m lucky to be in love with you.

Wake up to you tangled in my sheets;
one, two, three, four, five more kisses please.
Running late but they can wait until we’re done.

Every now and then I zone out until you say my name out loud,
« hello, where did you go, welcome back,
Do you want to interact, If you don’t I won’t be mad. »

Whether they are good or bad certain words you can’t take back
And now you know that I love you and would like to see this through
This is not a guarantee that we will always make each other happy.

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:zanders – Traces Lyrics

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