Wu-Tang Clan – Yo, Is You Cheo? Lyrics

Yo, Is You Cheo? by Wu-Tang Clan

The first time I finally got with Wu,
nobody really even knew what they looked
like with the exception of, you know,
that music video that I think they made for ten dollars for,
for Method Man.

But the problem was the business of Wu-Tang.
They missed the photoshoot. The only photos they had,
I guess, featured them in masks. At the time, you know,
this is pre-internet. If you missed the photoshoot,
there was no way for a magazine to course correct.

The magazine came out but instead of these photos, everybody had a basic,
not even like an illustration, but a caricature.
Raekwon the Chef, there was an illustration of Raekwon wearing, he’s got
like a chef hat.

Ol’ Dirty B—— is pictured with a blow up doll.
I didn’t like ’em but the thing was was I completely understood
the position that they were put in. Without art we would have
to kill the story.

I didn’t think the illustrations reflected
the seriousness of what I had witnessed.
‘Cause musically Wu-Tang was just off the charts.

I thought it looked corny. Some stories turn out
great and some stories don’t turn out great.
This was the one I felt was only okay and um, you know,
you move on. It came out and nothing happened, I didn’t hear
anything from the group.

First person that I see, Masta Killa walks up.
I didn’t know him at the time. And he says,
“Yo, is you Cheo?” And I said, “Yeah.” Bam,
I get hit in the face. He’s right ‘cross my left eye.
“That’s just to let you know Wu-Tang Clan nothing to f— with.
We come real with our s—. We ain’t no f—–’ cartoon characters.”