Wu-Tang Clan – One Rhyme Lyrics

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One Rhyme by Wu-Tang Clan

The remedy for stress is a day and a rest
A bag of sess, playing chess, yes
My thoughts be sneaky like a crook from Brooklyn
When you ain’t looking, I take the queen with the rook then
I get vexed, laying phat tracks on Ampex

[Masta Killa]
I was basically leaving the hustle life.
You know, going to night school striving to get
a diploma and transitioning to a legitimate lifestyle.
That’s what my life was like at that point when I met GZA.
He mentioned he had family and brothers in
Staten Island that were putting this movement together,
this Wu-Tang thing.

So one day he invites me to go to the studio with him.
I didn’t go because I had to go to night school that evening.
So the next day he had a tape of what they did the night before.
And that tape was an unfinished version of “Protect Yo Neck.”
When I heard that, everything just became crystal clear now.
I never missed another studio session after that.
Whenever he told me he was going somewhere I was there.
It inspired me to sit down.
Let me just see if I can write something.
I’ve never written a rhyme before this.
So that’s what I did.
I basically rehearsed that one rhyme, that one rhyme until I mastered it.

“You remember the rhyme?”

It was the “Mystery of Chessboxin’” one.

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