Wu-Tang Clan – Of Mics and Men Lyrics

“Of Mics and Men by Wu-Tang Clan”

Ten G mics and s—

Mics and men, books and pen
Decent rhymes, hooks and lines
One time, where do we begin?
The gritty rugged lands of Shaolin
Where proud men went from moving crack rocks to moving mountains
Moving crowds and making mothers proud now
Walk out of places where our people wasn’t allowed in
I took a high-hat, a snare, and a kick drum
A bass, a G-note, turned it into hit songs
Now every we make forty G’s, n—- please, Killa Bees
Pay a quarter mill for the emcees at night, aight?
I kick it like a Nike flight
25 years later, who thought that we could be greater?
The name of Wu-Tang gets spread on both sides of the equator
The RZArector grew to be a movie director
Still smoke blunts with the Meth and rock mics with Inspectah
Still crash bars with Shallah
And my brother Devon, he still push the flyest cars
But he added a yacht to his repertoire
And they marvel how the Jugger still caked with Tony Starks
While The RZA and U-God still shake the féru d’arts
Cappadonna try to put a hole inside your heart
Jamal Ari push that chess piece across the board
With the sound of a sword bein’ released from its sheath
And Ol’ Dirty Shimmy Shimmy Ya from beneath
And Power still got that rugged gear in the streets
It’s Wu-Tangs, mics and men, we killer bees
Mathematics stay craft-matic on the beats

I’m in the MKX with the opposite s–
Trying to take her from the suburb back to the projects
Money, chicks, fast cars, that’s my obsess
I ain’t obligated to nothing except contracts
Honey do you do dirty, n—– is still contacts
Lovin’ the babes daily, feedin’ ’em blowback
Can’t let nothing walk by but a bubble a–
Get money, pop bottles, then we double the cash
Slip by the shop, other n—–’ll fall back
See Divine on the ocean in the yacht
Flip money bags when our Hulu s— pop
Ferragamo belt with the Gucci bought
Yo, you can’t tell me nothing bout the Coogi, hah
When I was the one out there making the s— hot
When you was in the spot, you was just a young snot
I was in the ball game pitching the rock
Wu-Tang forever, we always on grind
Like Diddy told you, we ain’t never gon’ stop

Man, have you not heard that one word given will have you missing
Listen to the fly piano, Wu-Gambino soprano
Deck and Dino, owners of their own casino
RZA keynote, Stoudemire, young Amar’e
Flow hotter than the Kalahari
Skipping off the rim of the snare
Every rhyme line rich without the line combined
With the power refined
See my mind shine brighter than Einstein
Shallah pen bleed then the dawn is my time
So run, tell a friend, you can check it on Showtime
It’s Wu, Mics and Men

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