Upchurch – me ok Lyrics

Upchurch – me ok Lyrics

me ok By Upchurch Lyrics

Hey shoutout DuaneTV
Shoutout Knox Hill
Shoutout HollaAtKrazy
I’ma fit all of y’all in this mug one day
Listen to this track b-b—-

I ain’t the regular, peep my appearance it’s evident
My data is prevalent, still remain relevant
Never civil just like a damn Confederate
Can’t even say hey y’all in a song without somebody sayin’
my rhymes are rhetoric
Damn, who you tryna throw off? Not me, I got a level head
Not to mention I’m droppin’ these b——
and holdin’ every little bit of my leverage
And when I drop the rope these bottom feeders
gonna die lookin’ dried out and desperate

Who the f— said I can’t rap? Shut up b—-, you deaf as s—
Church all I do is preach, I’ll retire and become a f—–’ reverend
Nope, I am not a God! Yes, fame is a facade
Maybe I should watch what I say before I end up dead in my own yard
Sight, point, aim, fire! Reload, again for the second time
I’m underground and untouchable like a war bunker in a hillside
Been rolling stoned since “Rolling Stoned”
so now my brains like fully blown

These irises inside my eyes are surroundin’ two big black holes
Stay poppin’ out of that underground and lovin’
the game like Whac-A-Mole
Last time I grabbed the hammer I hammered down on a haters soul
I’m diamond cut from a rock that looks oddly different
The only reason you point is well, look at me, I’m indigenous
People like “Stop it, stick to country”,
I ride beats so good they f— me

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I go hard, spit out rap babies, no Plan B or Trojans on me
I make studios inferno, smell that Stetson wood and marble
Lieutenant Dan opponents legs ’cause I’m one
they will not walk on B—- I run it in the forest,
you can bet a pretty Jenny
I spit so much Bubba Gump, my saliva’s
shrimp boats with me F— bein’ cold,
I’m frostbit, if rap’s a sport I’m offense

If rap’s a jail I jump fence, if mainstream’s cops
I dodge s—And every dog has its day, they
don’t want to hear me bark kid
So I’m just sneakin’ on the porch
deliverin’ the dog s—
Ears up like a German Shepherd,
put a buck shot in your spinal cord
Lookin’ like the Soggy Bottom Boys
found Kevin Gates and an AUX cord
Yeah, Upchurch down here Lord,
I realize what I am here for

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I’m about to write the biggest mass murder and
not even go to hell for it
I’m a narcissistic marksman parkin’
in darkness just watch me
Spartan kick ’em in pits of darkness ’til
there’s no carcass chartin’
So let me load up the kraken, I’m droppin’ ’em off

Although somebody give you a couple of
acres and a stack of some coffins
So when I “blah, blah-blah-blah, blah, blah, blah, blah”
We ain’t even gotta go and blood drain it or nothin’
First 48, yep, that’s where I learned to be murderous
Creek Squad, sup, yeah, they ain’t gonna murder us
Even if I die I’ll come back as a big tornado
Blow folks away with not guitar or cello
Just take the papers, be a tree head fellow
Don’t cry about life, weepin’ willow
:Upchurch – me ok Lyrics

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