Stunna 4 Vegas – Boat 4 Vegas Lyrics

  • Stunna 4 Vegas - Boat 4 Vegas Lyrics

Lyrics Boat 4 Vegas by Stunna 4 Vegas
[Feat. Lil Yachty]

Boat 4 Vegas lyrics
I m a big boss
I blew the back-end on a wrist watch
Bust down and my s**t do not tick-tock
I ain t talkin to you b***h I m lettin that stick talk
I ain t finna rap beef f**k hip-hop
You can put it in a box before you hear me lip box
B***h we got more gas than a pit stop
A n***a get smacked we ain t goin for no slick talk
She said she ain t fuckin then make her walk
Pull up the gang white chalk
It s a f*****g b***h this not a TED talk
The money still young bedrock
B***h I m runnin through rings like a hedgehog
Need another (What?) and another (What?)
F**k your sister I want your grandmother (What?)
Yeah she older but close to your brother
Tryna hurt him (F**k that n***a)
Tryna hurt him cause I over-heard him
Talkin s**t bout the gang we gon burn him
Not a player lil boy you a red shirt (Shh)
Acting gangster gon get your lil feelings hurt (B***h)
Got a .. lil b***h poppin hella percs

[Verse 2: Stunna 4 Vegas & Lil Yachty]
Sign a deal I had to move mama first
Cause I m in the streets and still put in work (No cap)
My lil n***a will smoke him and won t think (Gang)
I keep that b***h comming back like a dope fiend
20 racks on him and the whole team (Racks)
Giving me money was the, wrong thing to do (Ha)
Cause I m tryna get all my ops stink
This XD hit like Ali (Fa fa)
I pray a f**k n***a come try me
I m going viral I ma catch a male body
Double C s on my kicks b***h (Huh?)
But I am not a Cryp (Uh uh)
I bleed red like I slit my wrists
Uh she eat up my d**k like a dinner dish
Come down they won t wait flip the whip you in
You gotta slang out for a membership
What else? Cause we slide f**k that rapper s**t
N***a reach at my neck we gon wack a b***h
If the booty a peach we gon crack a b***h
Try to stiff on Lil Boat we gon smack a b***h
Wack a b***h make her .. they gon sack the b***h
B***h I was sleepin on mattresses
B***h now I m sleepin with actresses (Facts)
And I talk like a mo fuckin activist
In her gut like some mo fuckin laxitives
Ohh my niggas active
And my b***h say she want a new a*s lift
Want her a*s lift told her “go drive lyft”
And she mad cause I m fuckin up ..
But I can t give a dollar to no b***h (F**k)

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[Verse 3: Stunna 4 Vegas]
We ain t goin back and forth we crashin
You gon die if you callin on smoke b***h
I just pulled off the line with no mileage (Skrt)
I still ain t gon slide in no Focus
Uh I got the world wide open
Everthing I say they quote
Off the top n***a know I ain t wrote it
He ain t gon let that iron off he don t know how to hold it
I m rockin Margiela s like Smokey
No ratchet I need a ..
A*s fat like ..
Make her eat d**k I won t buy her no Gucci
N***a beefin with us it s gon get spooky
For your scary a*s you stupid
I won t leave without my tool
Every n***a with me strapped and every n***a gon shoot ittt

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