Simi: Charlie Lyric

“Simi: Charlie Lyric  ”

I’ve been trying
to write you a song for years
But im not sure to say
can’t stop crying
although you’ve been gone for years
i wish that you could have stayed
See i walked down the aisle just the other day
But you weren’t there to walk tme
I’m not mad ohh
i take that back – I’m furious
I didn’t take man chance to tell you goodbye and i love you
Ohh i love you
too many merry christmases
many happy birthdays that you have missed
I think about the things that could have been
Cheers to the future way you no see
I want to make you proud
I hope you’re in heaven smiling down
Say hello to the angels now
Im still your angel now
If i could see your face one more day
Oh my Charlie
So many things i want to say
Like i miss you
I wont forget you
And this love will last
this love will last forever

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