Sharon Van Etten – Tell Me (Live) Lyrics

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Tell Me (Live) Lyrics – Sharon Van Etten


Woke in a sweat
What I can’t forget, and what I’ll never ask to you
Tell me that I’m something that you just don’t know
Tell me that I’m somewhere you don’t want to go
Tell me that I’m someone you don’t want to know
Like the back of your hand
I don’t understand
Undone, disarmed
Well I don’t know and you don’t mind
This time there’s no time
Well I don’t know and you don’t mind

Deep inside of the day, anyone else would fall in your arms
But I do not
Do I, do I, do I want that
I was something that you just couldn’t feel
I was something that you couldn’t feel that was real
I believed you when you shut your eyes and dreamed a dream without me
Sometimes I don’t think about you
Sometimes I don’t think about it
Oh oh

Tears are falling in the underground
Falling into thoughts that turn to colours
The colours are the colours of my thoughts and they’re painting you
Sometimes I live my own life, my own life

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