Scarlxrd – FFS FREESTYLE Lyrics

Scarlxrd – FFS FREESTYLE Lyrics

Yeah, yeah

Living too fast and there’s no one above me
I look in the mirror I’m seeing I’m lucky
Won’t trigger the fear bro I barely can trust me
I feel like a hero man no one can touch me
Eyes on the prize I got no other thoughts
I draw the line but I’m running across
Won’t never pull up or get to the bar
Like Nikey just do it, I run like a star
Moving advanced, ayy
Get up and think of the bands, ayy
Nigga I’m moving too fast I’ve been thinking bout days when I cover my tracks, ayy
Feeling fantastic
Coped some new fabric
Will I rock classic? ayy
One shot snap him
Most of ya’ll plastic
I’ma wreak havoc ayy
Get a new gadget, Go go panic
Yeah I done lapped that race
I want it I have it
Pray like a catholic, I’m on outlandish pace
Back up, yeah this shit got my stats up
Might go f**uck around and cop that new matte truck
Nothings feeling better than a real life fuck
24/7 my cash stays up
Leave the pretending it’s never for us
Neither direction can stagger the rough
Open your mouth and I’m buying it shut
They don’t want static
Please don’t call me on tactics
Leave all the acting, uh
You niggas passed it
Need more practice
Copy my look like a cosplay, uh
Scars drawn on with a Sharpie, uh
That’s not yours that’s Scarlxrd, uh
Why are you screaming and moving erratic?
I’m ever so flattered you copy me, uh
Start taxing mans for graves
Wanna bite my fashion, safe
You look trash out the gate
I’m humbled anyways
I ain’t invent the game (yeah) so many g’s before me (Ayy)
If you wanna hate then hate (yeah yeah)
Take a step into my mind and you’ll see that I levitate
I never take breaks I just dodge and I weave back
Erratic at pace like my whole life is a freestyle
We have to explain every angle we’re seen at
Why? uh
I don’t try, uh, that’s just not my style, uh
I like sounding vile, I ain’t in denial, uh
Yeah I’m f**ucking wild but yet I act entitled
Like a f**ucking child, I’m my biggest idol
I’m a monster, a f**ucking monster
I’m a monster, the biggest monster
I’m a monster, a f**ucking monster
I’m a monster, a f**ucking monster
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, watch your back!
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, watch your back!

Haha, f**uckin’ hell uh
Self-isolation got me fucked
Head’s gone
What day is it?

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:Scarlxrd – FFS FREESTYLE Lyrics

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