Sarkodie – My Advice (Part 2) Lyrics

  • Sarkodie – My Advice (Part 2) Lyrics

“My Advice Part 2 Lyrics by Sarkodie”


Sometimes we gotta say it how it is
A lot of pierce but I’ve been keeping a lot
of it
First na nka mede pain no
b3ba twitter but sesia manyini
Ne3ma no d))so, I gotta swallow it

Me choose ways that i deal with it
Talent dey kill critics
This is not a regular song
This is real lyrics

They wanna still limit
Ma menka nokor3, ne3ma bi
Nafi kill skill spirit
I swear down
S3 mete me baabi na medwen meho aah
Y3se sarkodie don wan no One to follow him
S3 mehu obi na mep3 s3 meboa no nsoa
Y3se he was only trying to Overshadow him

What is wrong with you?
Ad3n koraa na mo focuse’ on the wrong issue
Moagu meho fin aky3 I need a long tissue
How do i stay relevant, am going teach you
May God be with you

Sesia y3se a couple of day keepers
All they wanna do is bring the niqqa down
)mo suban nyinaa ay3s3 fake sneakers
Yehye no dam wode pie a b3yaro wo town

But I’m always gonna ras
Cos the thing it very always overcome the last
To my Sarknation everybody for relax
S3 )tamfo b3ya me a gye
Me shorte bars
But we no dey carry last

Afei obi ma no nto menua b3ma no s3
S3 )daso dwen meho a ene3 agor) wo nani so
Papa panyimu na still a wob3
Adwuma na ehia wanimguase3 no eb3bo woti so
Baabia madwene da no memp3 nkwadaa agor)
Ebia wodae3so ne s3 wob3 trende wo twitter

Mede3 medaso d) wo nti daakye bi
S3 wadwene ba fie a
Wode3 fr3, your brother be your brother
Forgette I’m still the god
I’m not a human I’m a god
Wogoro meho a wob3ye sad
Baabia meduru no i don give a…

Mey3 rap mu Adjetey Sowah
Nansei s3 wob) show a wogye lower
Next time afei na wacoole wonni
Nya aboter3 make you only call up
When you grow up…
What Else…Now!!!!!!!

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