Ransom – The Master Lyrics

  • Ransom - The Master Lyrics

Ransom – The Master Lyrics

Ay Craven
Yeah man, this shit is gorgeous right here
It’s glorious, it’s the perfect backdrop
Let me paint this scene for y’all
Shit is gory, man
Yeah (I’m tellin’ y’all man)
Look, look, let’s get it

Look, first time I seen a face explode was about eight years old (true)
My mama prayed so she can save my soul (our Father)
It changed my goal seein’ brains exposed (yeah), no one explained it though
Everything is lit when you livin’, but ya grave is cold (yeah)
Y’all don’t really want it with Duffle, ain’t no exchangin’ blows
Shotties blow you out of ya fit, look like you changin’ clothes (bla-ouw!)
Yeah, you heard them painful groans
Choppers hang you up when they ring, think you should change ya tone
Honestly I’m one of the greatest, but never claimed his throne
I don’t need no spins on ya playlist, my shit’s engraved in stone (yeah)
These labels got too many slaves to own
That’s why I’m workin’ behind the scenes to get somethin’ for y’all to claim and own (let’s go)

King Leonidas when he reigned in Rome, painted scrolls
Ancient poems, buried by kings right where they laid his bones (woo!)
Yeah, still y’all remain some clones
Hope you die a horrible death and suffer in pain alone (yeah)
Became apparent I was raisin’ chrome, high as any plane or drone
Killers with guns that they never aimed and blown (bla-ouw!)
Wire taps that got arranged in phones
Don’t be that nigga that’s comin’ back from that party and find a stranger home

For real man, yeah
Ah man, this shit is luxurious
Ha, this, this this torture is luxurious
You hear that
Oh, oh, yeah, let’s get it

Ransom – Pulp Fiction Lyrics

:Ransom – The Master Lyrics

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