Postcard Boy – INT. EXT. Lyrics

  • Postcard-Boy-INT.-EXT.-Lyrics

“INT. EXT. by Postcard Boy”

A mercedes and a bentley
High school drama queens
Get alcohol for speech
Parties fulfill needs
Addicted at eighteen
New boy every week
We used to watch movies
I used to think you knew me

What happened to skateboarding down my street?
What happened to sunburns and ice cream?
Wonder if you really are happy
I used to think you knew me

These pretty faces power rule
Always fall for the same ruses
“I wish that I could be like you”
Make yourself look like a fool

Maybe she don’t want to be like you
Maybe that’s not what he wants to do
Maybe I’m a pessimistic stranger
I know that I’m too sensitive, but you’re so unsure

I got this 99’ drive
Cassettes and volume on high
Social stereotypes
Broken when they hit real life

White lies
Looking so fly in that outfit
Blindside that back
Merry-go-round with the same s—

It’s Friday night, forcing to try
Internally crying, externally smiling
“Okay, one time” is your most common lie
Internally crying, externally smiling

Seems like last night we were fourteen
Skating down the street at fifteenth
Now we don’t recognize each other’s face
I don’t remember the last time you said my name

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