Pop Smoke – Exposing Me Lyrics

Exposing Me Lyrics – Pop Smoke

There’s a lotta talk on my name, nigga
Y’all niggas know what’s goin’ on
(Pray to God)

[Verse 1]
Look, I’m armed and dangerous (Dangerous)
Ain’t no parking at the light, no, ain’t no stainin’ us
Can’t trust a soul if you ain’t gang, no, you can’t hang with us
I came from nothing, I call Guap, he let it bang for us
He let it, he let it
I’m 092, yeah, I’m woo
Let it bang out the coupe
I let it boom, let it shoot
Got them 22’s in my shoes

Huh, that’s on everything (That’s a fact, nigga)
That’s on everything (I’m Woo nigga)
That’s on everything (Fuck is you talkin’ bout?)

[Verse 2]
Uh, I’m SRK (K), GDK (K)
And I play, up it to your face (Grr)
And I gang bang and we slay
Get away, thirty, get away, get away (Get the fuck out my face, nigga)
Why you talkin’ like you wooin’ (Why you talkin’?)
Who you shootin’? (Who you shootin’?)
Who you foolin’? (Who you foolin’?)

Huh, that’s on everything (That’s on my mother, nigga)
That’s on everything (Stop playin’ with me)
That’s on everything (Uh)

[Verse 3]
Keep mop
I go chemo, give you cancer (Uh-huh)
Stupid dizzy, you a dancer (Uh-huh)
Dummy got got by the Woo’s
He woulda got away if he pulled his pants up
I hold that boy for ransom (Grrt)
I pour a four in my Fanta
Is you with it or not? (Nah)
Gun to his head, put your hands up
Nigga, gun to your head, do the cha-cha
While I’m fuckin’ on your baba
I order steak with my lobster
I turn your noodles to pasta

Huh, that’s on everything (Let’s get it)
That’s on everything
That’s on everything (You know the fuckin’ vibes, nigga)

[Verse 4]
Look, said I pull up to TD in i8
If we all gettin’ money then why hate?
Smoove Hease the renty
That boy is too bent an’ he about to go fuck up the crime rate
I got .22’s up in my coupe
Act up in a school, we pull up, we givin’ the boot
Yeah, I’m big flossy Woo (Woo)
No construction, but a nigga know I got the tool
I’m never lackin’, always pistol-packing
With them automatics, we gon’ send him to heaven
Pull up, what crackin’ nigga? What you jackin’?
Found his body up on Chanel 11

Uh, that’s on everything
That’s on everything (That’s on my soul, nigga)
That’s on everything (Huh)

[Verse 5]
Huh, there’s no exposing me
I got hit, then you got hit, that’s how it’s s’pposed to be
If I want you dead, then you dead, there’s no controllin’ me
40 clip, 30 clip, 50 clip
I got a whole lotta guns, nigga
Pull up, what’s crackin’? What’s up? What happened?
No jokin’, no laughin’, no talkin’, we scrappin’

Uh, that’s on everything (Huh)
That’s on everything
That’s on everything

:Exposing Me Lyrics – Pop Smoke

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