Novo Amor – Opaline Lyrics

Novo Amor Opaline Lyrics

I knew I’d have a bad time shaking you.
On the form, I’m naming… who?
With the crack sound of my tooth
coming loose.

It was all so complicated,
I didn’t mean to say it out loud…
…anyway then, I think I should go
exaggerate it,
all my heart is breaking,
I can’t overstate it,
how should I be feeling? (so run the red out)
The ceiling (is all coming down),
and I feel I should care but I don’t
mean to (so run the red out)
be rude (it’s all coming down),
now I feel like I’m finally me.

I know, I could’ve said I was feeling low,
but I’m here just to hold your coat.
I’ve been thinking I could stay at home.

:Novo Amor Opaline Lyrics

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