Mozzy – More Than Rappin Lyrics

“Mozzy – More Than Rappin Lyrics”

More Than Rappin by Mozzy
Talk ’bout it
I go by the name of HellGang Mozzy, one up top ahki, somethin’ stocky in the choppy, n—-
June on the beat, don’t shoot him in the streets
Yeah, body, ask the body

Landlord of the Gangland, they know what’s happenin’
.40 blappin’, that’s how they know that it’s more than rappin’
N—- told you that I’m lackin’, lil’ shawty cappin’
Ain’t playin’ with no paper, finna double lap ’em
Ayy, get at me with them prices that the pie sum quoted
Tryna run it up the gut if we can find an open
Soccer mom caravan ’til we slide it open
‘Posed to fire in the open when you spot opponents
N—– rollin’, circle your picture and now you on it
Call the jeweler with forty pointers, it’s how I want it
How you bomin’? You buggin’ if you ain’t bustin’ down
Confirming a wire transfer for a hundred thou’
Pacquiao for the hooker, I hardly f— around
You got tagged for the tooly and hardly come around
Life sentence, I’m tryna picture him touchin’ down
He probably won’t ’cause the way the victim was hunted down
That s— embarrassing, sleeping on homie’s mother’s couch
Lost a bundle in that b—-, at least a hundred count
We was thuggin’ as youngins, bustin’ and runnin’ routes
Bang that thing out of vengeance, it wasn’t for the clout
Granny cussing me out behind a speeding ticket
I do the dance to the chicken, I’m tryna Z a ticket
Biscotti Pippen, you know that we keep it cloudy, right?
B—— whisper, “You know them n—– from Cali, right?”
I could volley my body if brother stylin’ right
He thought I tried to fi-dangle but he ain’t count it right
It’s more to life, we boarding flights for the legal chilly
Just left Philly, in Harlem with it, you see the billies
These n—– kill me, talkin’ like they ice a quarter milli’
They wanted forty for the mirror, I threw a quarter in it
Landlord of the Gangland, they know what’s happenin’
The .40 blappin’, that’s how they know that it’s more than rappin’

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