Mozzy – Ain’t No Tellin’ Lyrics

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“Mozzy – Ain’t No Tellin’ Lyrics”

Ain’t No Tellin’ by Mozzy
Fonzie go brazy
808 Mafia

Goon body, who you dudes body that was relevant? (Nobody, n—-)
Hit his intelligence, get you knocked off for a settlement
We sneakin’ the metal in, got the mini-drake like the Taliban (Ooh)
These n—– rockin’ with snitches, talkin’ ’bout he better not tell again, damn
Lil’ bruh took an L, he tryna settle in
And he need to PayPal my cash to settle the debt he in
Got hit for a Band-Aid on a side bet, I’m finna bet again (I’m like, “F— it”)
Pull out a fifty piece on you boys and drop on a better Benz, yeah
I got an F&N and you know I bought it from the Mexicans (My n—- Primo)
Shout out the prices, in love with the prices, them my next of kin (My n—- Primo)
That’s on my mama and ’em
We pulling up n—–, got problem with them
Ayy, shout out my mama and ’em
Said, “Get off your a–, go get you an M,” yeah
That’s what I did, that’s what I did, that’s what I did for real (For real, for real)
He throwin’ up subs, so I’ma just go and f— the homie b—- for real (For real, for real)
Ayy, I’m with the s— for real
Ain’t no doubt about it, ask about a n—-
You know them jewelers’ll kill you for speakin’ ill
Get whacked by the n—-

Hah, hah, yeah, Heaven or Hell, it ain’t no telling (Ain’t no telling)
They wanna picture me catching a shell, I ain’t gon’ let ’em, uh
Look at my life, I did well, a n—- ain’t dead and I ain’t no felon (I ain’t no felon)
F— your protection, the n—– I brung, they ain’t gon’ threaten, n—-
I’m putting dope in the leaf, uh (Dope in the leaf)
I pour a four in a peach, uh (Four in a peach)
I cannot foreign with creeps, uh (Foreign with creeps)
Turbo motor in the Jeep, uh
Arm is short but I got reach, I could send blitz, uh
I party with a singer b—-, cocaine coming off her fingertips, uh
Most days I reminisce how a n—- sold tres for a nick (What else?)
My homie cookin’ like it’s homemade, he got road rage with the whip (What else?)
The block lookin’ like the Stone Age, make ’em Soul Train for a fifth
You cross the street where them boys stay, look both ways or get hit (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
All the hoes say a n—- lit (Lit)
Send me the list, I bet I surpass them, n—- (I bet I surpass them, n—-)
I can’t get distracted, n—-
Packages gettin’ a wrapping, n—- (They gettin’ a wrapping, n—-)
Ain’t no attachment, n—-, I put that hoe on a raffle, n—-, uh
It ain’t a gaffle, I need a statue right in the Apple, n—-, uh

Uh, uh, it ain’t no telling, uh
Ain’t no telling, uh
Ain’t no telling, n—-