Melvoni – Big rocks Lyrics

  • Melvoni – Big rocks Lyrics

Melvoni – Big rocks Lyrics

I’m in the stu with the hot breath
And I feel like the one Imma prophet
N***a put a lil blow when I step
Came a long way from chillin’ in projects
I used to trap outtta school
I kept me a tool cause I’m not with the nonsense
And now I just stay in the stu
And just play it cool I changed my whole mindset

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I be on the streets like sesame
But you ain’t never gone hear rest in peace
All these opp niggas can;t get next to me
And it’s still apm to the death of me

I need a treesha, big butt
Nicki Minaj, I wanna f**k
A*s clap round of applause

These diamonds on me, drip drop
Now they on my d**k tell em kick rocks
I’m on my way to the tip top
I ain’t got no patience, no tik tok
And these niggas feel like I owe em some
But I ain’t no motherfucking gift shop
My vision so clear s**t pop
Diamonds on my ear big rocks

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