Mad Tsai – Heartbreak honeymoon Lyrics

Heartbreak honeymoon Lyrics – Mad Tsai

This song is for boy who played me
Here’s our breakup
I never got to say

Here’s all the things you gave me
While we were dating
Alphabetically arranged

A is for all your half-assed apologies
B is for breaking up at my birthday party
Couldn’t I see that I would be catching you cheating on me?

D is for drunk and dialing me to drive you home
E is for evidence I found on your phone so
Fuck you for making me feel like a goddamn fool

Goodbye to the guy I knew
Hello heartbreak honeymoon
I’m more interested in me
Joke’s on you and your jealousy


This song is for the boy who kissed me
I hope you’re listening
Learn your ABC’s

Never thought I’d catch you cheating
Gave me 26 reasons
You’re alphabetically deranged

K is for karma for kissing him in front of me
L is for lying saying “I love you I’d never leave”
You’re mistaken if you think you can manipulate me one more time

N is naive to never notice your narcissism
O is I’m moving on to optimism
Played me like a puppet but I’m pulling out my strings

Quit your crying you’re quite a fool
I’m restarting with someone new
The story of us ends very woefully
Fuck you and your xyz


Sicko psycho now that I know
Gonna get revenge
Liar light your bed on fire
It’s in my defense

Heartbreak mistakes fucking insane
Bottled up my tears
Heart ache betrayed aren’t you afraid
My love is your fear

I hope you’ve learned your ABC’s
Of all the things you did to me
Learned to love myself from your deceit
Happy endings to this sad story

:Heartbreak honeymoon Lyrics – Mad Tsai

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