Joyner Lucas – Devil’s Work Lyrics

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Lyrics to “Devel’s Work” by Joyner Lucas

Father forgive me

I’m staring at this bible as I keep glancing
Dear Lord I got questions and I need answers
Tryna understand your vision all I see is damage
Just a bunch of dead bodies in the street camping

A bunch of lost souls on their feet standing,
we supposed to be your children I thought we family
You’re supposed to be my father bruh, I need answers
We don’t need to die young, we just need chances

Tired of living on the edge, so we keep scrambling
Tryna talk to these strippers but they keep dancing
We just wanna be number one like Steve Francis,
bow my head say a prayin’ now a seed’s planted

Everywhere I turn I’m seeing MCs vanish,
lot of good ni*gas gone I don’t understand it
Lot of families lost and they seem stranded,
I ain’t trying to disrespect you, I just need answers

I know you’re watching us from heaven thinking “Who to save?”,
cherry pickin’ who should go next and who should say
I’d be on my way to heaven if I knew the way,
and bring back every good ni*ga you choose to take

They say you never wrong but you done made a few mistakes,
’cause you taking the wrong ni*gas maybe you should trade
Trade us back all the real ones and remove the fakes,
I think you should trade

Give us 2Pac back and take that ni*ga Suge,
let the legend resurrect and he gon’ live for good
I been screaming thug life in every different hood,
if only you could bring him back yeah lord I wish you would

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