José González – Open Book Lyrics

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Open Book Lyrics – José González


I feel just like an open book,
Exposing myself in this neighborhood
Talking to people as if I’d knew them well
Thinking that everyone has come through different kinds of hell

Lately I’ve found myself in doubt
Asking myself what it’s all about
What am I doing here, what’s this leading to?
What’s the point of it all, without you?

Well, I’ve got promises to keep
Like a cat I know I’ll land upon my feet
Each time I fall

Every now and then in dreams
By the river ‘neath our tree
Leaves in yellow, red and brown
I hear you whisper in my ear
Your love belongs to everyone

I feel just like an open book
A couple of words was all it took
In front of a bright white canvas
Staring vacantly now free, against my will

A drifting vessel in the storm
Pushed around from shore to shore
I know there’s so much left to see
I know I have so much left to give

But the memories remain
Yet the scars don’t feel the same
Filling pages one by one
In the warmth of other suns

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