Jack Harlow – XXL 2020 XXl Freshman Cypher Lyrics

Jack Harlow – XXL 2020 XXl Freshman Cypher Lyrics
[Feat. Lil Keed & Polo G ]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Brr)
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Jetson made another one, haha
Oh Lord, Jetson made another one

Ooh, I’m that man
I can’t trip ’cause it’s way off-brand
I have plans for the playoffs, damn
City used to hate, but I made y’all fans
Aw man, I hit ’em both way, ain’t y’all friends?
She know how to cook and take off pants
Flow relaxed, but I ain’t on Xan
I’m T’d up like Jake Austin
If you got an issue, then say somethin’
Used to do shows, I ain’t make nothin’
Now I got bread, but I ain’t content
Y’all so street, nah, I ain’t convinced
That’s just somethin’ that you came up with
I just want someone to lay up with
I call her babe, but she know I can’t marry her
Ciroc cranberry, my shit classic, Tom & Jerry
Lot of commentary, shit seem cool, but it’s gotten scary
Fuck the game up, I’m poppin’ cherries
At the mall, they stop and staring
I got birds, but they not canary

Keed talk to ’em (Yeah)
Slatt, slatt, slatt, slatt, sla-slatt, slatty, slatty

Hop in a Jag’ or a ‘Cat, I’m goin’ crazy, or I get lazy
Cranberry Burberry shirt, put my pants grape
Nigga play with S-L-I-M-E, get sprayed
Race to the K, got a chop, woo, woo
Seal on the paints, on the wraps, woo, woo
Pounds in the bookbag like I’m goin’ to school
Got sticks in the jean, got spreads on the shoes
Ooh, get wavy, ooh, biscotti blunt
Ooh, I face it, I’m comin’ with cadence
Yeah, Slime Pope
Yeah, yeah, Keed talk to ’em

And I’m really in my bag, she want it, I’m payin’ for it
Bitch, I put in blood, sweat, and tears, and I ran for it
Trappin’ just to make a way, got stuck up in that jam for it
Bag of chip died, know I couldn’t put out my hand for it
Now I’m that nigga in my city and yours
I’m so quick to put them in their place like a landlord
They gon’ kill what you believe if you don’t make a stand for it, look
I got niggas mad, ’cause I’m blessed and I’m winnin’
Only if they really knew this was just the beginnin’
With that weapon he spinnin’, Smith & Wesson was spittin’
This hot shit’ll cook your noodle in less than a minute
Kick in his door and put that sawed in his mouth
I’ll have my killers come and paint the walls in his house
Deactivate his soul, hollows loggin’ him out

Lost his mind, seen that blood from his dawg spillin’ out
I was on the frontline, standin’ tall in the drought
I been goin’ hard like I gotta ball for the scouts
Bipolar with my love, ’cause I fall in and out
These new generation gangsters do it all for the clout
Put the whole hood on my back, I had to carry ya
Odds stacked against me, nothin’ but crime in my area
First-generation millionaire, I had to break the barriers
Tryna open up my third eye, it’s only gettin’ scarier
Damn, a new disease dropped, causin’ mass hysteria
It’s always some bullshit, welcome to America, nigga

Yeah, Jetson made another one, aha
Oh Lord, Jetson made another one

:Jack Harlow – XXL 2020 XXl Freshman Cypher Lyrics

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