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“Silenced Lyrics by ImDontai”

Shoot them shots, another bullet hit his heart
Somebody died today, somebody died today

Just shoot a n—-, so you prove to a n—-, that are that n—-
While the gov’t watch, black killing black on the block
Meanwhile y’all mad at the cops
While your own people doing all of the robbing
Adding to all the m———— violence
Cop don’t give a f— they watch in silence
Y’all be going ham they sick of trying
Watch yah back these n—– of the henges
Brother shot now he just want revenge
and the cycle continue, the truth is like ice on your dental
I’m taking a bare in your mental
These bullets is meant to go in you
They busting no matter the venue
Bullets rattle through the diners
Led as hot as the Bahamas
Striking kids inside of mommas
Boys is dead over designer
Know it’s hard but n—– gotta
realize, that taking life for some ice it ain’t nice when you finish
All the hype gonna die when get a life sentence
Homie not worth it, You throwing away yo purpose
Put all that effort in something deserving
So many boys laid to rest with a sermon
All this frustration got my body

Shoot them shots, another bullet hit his heart
Somebody died today, somebody died today

Sick of these legends laid to rest
Speaking they mind getting s— off they chest
How come the ones speaking truth in the booth
Giving back to the youth, get clapped
Ain’t it suspicious how they all provide
A guide, to open our eyes, to all of the gov’t lies
And then they just happen die
Save that boy there
I don’t want to believe, but i know the gov’t gor s— up they sleeve
And I ain’t being quiet
I ain’t sittin’ silent, gone have to put me in insane asylum
I’m not a legend I’m not even close
But I’m speaking that real ’til the day i’m ghost
Don’t call me a profit, just call me ImDontai
I’m speaking that truth when they putting out nonsense
This s— got me fuming like steam off the kettle
Bring it to life like Gepetto
Dash to the facts with my foot on the peddle
Or maybe assumptions, but this is abundantly clear
Silent now give me yo ear
They do not want us to hear
The truth that these legends adhere,
To spreading, they and up dead it’s a modern beheading
When you expose corrupted ideas
N—– gone die along with they peer
Messages cut, they pulling the plug
Cuz they exactly what silencing

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