ImDontai – Joyus Lyrics

“Joyus Lyrics by ImDontai”

Waiting for peace, them birds, & wind chimes my words
Cluttered with nouns and verbs on repeat, cuz I constantly
Regurgitate happiness at a later date
Picking up like the murder rate, homie just pick yah head up now
S— is shitty as s—, mixed with a bottle of brown
I keep on chugging like I’m Thomas on that railroad
And no matter how hard it get i don’t wonder where that rail go
Destination preordained so i let take it’s course
That don’t mean i don’t be busting my a– everyday of course
I provide for my fiance, soon to be wife
And I love my fan base b—- we be buzzing like the behive
Sharp thinker like sharp tooth in the shark tank
Bars shank, deeper than large tank on the dirt man
Pancake, they flatten out
I’m bitching all the haters now
All I hear is silence how
You been hating for a while
You keep tabs, cuz yo b—- a–
So trash, while i make cash, and you get mad, i laugh
It is quite hilarious
N—– living vicariously
Through me, but they ain’t here to cheer, they boo me
I keep it moving, i’m zooming
While the support steady booming
I thank you

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