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“Haphazard Lyrics by ImDontai”

N—-, We not equatents, my patients tippied easily
I’m ripping through my obstaeles like picking thick beadie beads
I’m easily, the tiniest little frail
N—- you prolly seen but talent breakin’ the scale
Look, I’m off grid my number don’t mean we friends
Don’t double up on a text i’m ignoring the s— you send
Evil, you don’t know it it stick to me velero & I’m pulling it everyday n—-
pistol at the waist n—-
F— fighting, pistol handle any fades n—–

They assuming i’m all sweet thinking it’s all speak
You don’t gotta be from the streets to catch a body

blood leaking from his jaw stain his neeklace
Like the syrup dripping down the waffle that i had for breakfast
You not about the s— that you are speaking about
well come assault me and then we’ll see who really leaking now

They assuming I’m all sweet thinking it’s all speak
You don’t gotta be from the streets to catch a body

Haphazard, the thoughts of a black b——
Who hides all the dark matter with a smile and loud laughter
I’m silent i rarely speak about violence, but p– testing me
So imma let it c– my gun bust no vasectomy
A lot of n—– talking in they olace but never next to me
You nothing but a c— and mean that s— disrespectfully
Bow down to a real one when i enter your vicinity (Show me your money)
Mask hid my identity
N—– think it’s all fun and games that n—– lame, he ain’t busting s— at yo rain
Come n—- try, n—- don’t believe ’til they die
Yeah it’s too late, squeezing on the trigger like the last bit of toothpaste
Peepshit, wifey told chill baby delete this
I’m burning hotter than a f—— leaked disc

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