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“Grand Entrance Lyrics by ImDontai”

Welcome to Haphazard
The man, the man of many thoughts
The man of many weird, weird thoughts
Haphazard (Haphazard)
I hope you’ve set aside some time to just listen, listen (Haphazard)

This is my grand entrance
To anyone in attendance
Just take a second to witness a king
I see the sun in the distance
I feel the heat of the beam
Hottest, I’m steaming my jeans
Rip like it’s Bruce turning green
Hawk verses in booth
Break mics, I shatter the room
Earthquake, y’all better move
Duck and cover
I rap like toast when it’s smothered in butter
Smooth like a baby, that’s word to my mother
I got it
Switching them flows cause I’m so open minded
I ain’t got a preference but you got the flows of a peasant (what that mean?)
My s— is lit-mitless
I think they might evict
Bass rattle coins on my desk
I might drop a coin on my neck
Money like plants, I got drip on my a–
And my wallet back pocket
So I make a profit
Wavy I am, I’m as hot the Sun
It’s apparent
Photosynthesis, I just made a grand
I got more bands than him, huh
I got more hoes than pimps, yuh
That was a joke, my friend, huh
Don’t make me go again
I’m steady snapping
I always deliver the package
Always better than the average
I hit the beat like a racket
Neighbors yelling “cut the racket!”
I can’t help but just be ratchet
Run the beat, it’s outta habit
Holup, n—–, I’m the baddest
Open n—–, call ’em Raditz
Uh, what?
I’m so sick of half a– rappers
Thinking they the s—, cause after
I spit all this truth
They step they a– in the booth
Talking ’bout diamonds
I’m so sick of trying, so I give up
I’m just gon’ talk ’bout whatever the f—
Haphazard my thought process
Who is him? I’m the rawest
Who wanna fade?
My n—-, he a savage
I call him XD, keep it directly
Pop at your belly, hand very steady
Holup, slow up
I’m finna blow up
C-4, f— all these people
Verses, they hit like a deagle
All eyes on me like the peephole
Claiming you king, I’mma dethrone
Hard as the hammer or gavel
There ain’t a beat I cannot tackle
I got it on lock like a shackle
I’ll leave a bruise on a bullet
I live my life to the fullest
Keeping your neck where my foot is
“No, not the yuttas!”
I put my d— where her gut is
Messages flooded
Clout is apparent
Shoutout them kids and they parents
I run the beat like an errand
And, I go ham
Toucan Sam
Fly like a birdie
Bow and a curtsy
Put on a show, get a standing ovation
It’s nothing but work, I ain’t taking vacation
My foot on the pedal
Ain’t stop at the station for gas
Middle finger to the n—– I passed
(Huh, yuh, holup, huh)
Holup, lemme rest my voice
I pick words like a stack of toys
I get head like a bag of coins
I cash out at the burger store
But get green like a herbivore
Yuh, I hit my dance
I show my love to my fans
I gave away all my Vans
I nearly spent me a bands
Tooting my horn, I’m so gracious
I scoop the money like waitress
All of this started from basement
Wait, a garage
You’ve seen me fail?
That’s a mirage
Holup, holup, holup, holup, holup
Fire breathing, fuming
Don’t assume I’m human
Check the empty ruins
Distant gala-
Ooh, my…

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