GlokkNine – Az-Za Lyrics

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Lyrics to “Az Az” by Glokknine

Yeah, free my niggas
Free Ken nigga, free lil Son Don nigga
Free lil Richard, ayy
You already know what I’m sayin’, ooh
Lil Diddy Dot, ayy free Lil Tay
Know what I’m sayin’, free Lil Jay
You know what I’m sayin’, free Lil Oog
Free lil Kel-Tec nigga, free Lamar Quan nigga
Free Lil McCade nigga, ayy, free AG nigga, ayy
Look check me out nigga, free Lil Keenan nigga
Free all my niggas, free 1D nigga
Tax side, free Ski, ayy

A for lil Anna, cause she slang YJB
B for Bianca, blood cousin, same genes
C for Cassandra, grandma, she love me
D is for Diamond Hill, she know what it was, see
E for Emari Bear, and I don’t like her attitude
F, fuck Francesca, my mama say she real rude
G for Gwanda, man cuz, fire me up

H for my horoscope, Taurus gang, I have you stoned
I for Ionis, Lil OD, he go dumb ’bout her
J for Jamayah, I swear Lil Nine can’t get enough
K is for Kayla Edwards, I love you cuh
L for Lateisha, knotted up and bottled up
M for lil Martha, Judas had me fucked up
And N, ain’t gon’ speak on her ’cause I thought that I loved her
But O for Octavia, shit it is what it was

P for that pussy ho Patrice, I can’t fuck with her
Q for Quinesia, right or wrong I’m pulling up
R for lil Reisha, hundred shots stay in the club
And S for Shamaya, you know I got brother love
T for Tianna, I want her but she for the world
U is for you and you, both of y’all, I want to fuck
V for Veronica, she gon’ drop that neck and up
W for Wawa, but Hi-Tech, that’s all it took
X for Xandria, I swear the lil bitch bad as fuck
Y for Yolanda, grown bitch, get wet as fuck
Z for Zafana, I swear cuz ain’t gon’ want for nothing
Z for them zombie nights, why the hell shit poppin’ off

X for them xanny bars, W, we love ’em all
But V ’cause I get vicious with it, you can’t show no sympathy
T for lil Tajay, blood couldn’t make us closer, see
S for my nigga locked up doing time, free lil Ski
R, that’s for Rambo, from Mercy Drive to CSB
And QP that’s for quarter pound, oh I heard he got a sack
N, tell him night night, he deadflies, ain’t comin’ back
M, that’s for Money Mo, rest in peace to 11/9

L, that’s for Lil Yo, my brother signed for county time
K, that’s for kangaroo, Glock thirty doing jumping jacks
But J, gotta double bag, yeah bitch, free Lil Joe Fat
I can’t say a lot but what I can say, Tay bought the J
H for my homies dawg, on 1900 gettin’ it in
F ’cause I don’t give a fuck, I got three brothers, motherfuck a friend
E for them early mornings and the late nights where do I begin
D for them dingalings on every Glock that we tote with hands
See B’s come out at night, don’t let the street lights beat you in
Ayy, I did the alphabet, I’ll teach you somethin’, come learn again

Ayy, did the alphabet, I’ll teach you somethin’, come learn again
It’s Quay who they vouchin’ for, you see me jit, you turnin’ it
Ayy, yeah, come on man, my voice ain’t on it straight

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