Famous Dex – Fully Loaded Lyrics

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“Fully Loaded by Famous Dex ft. Lil Gotit”

She so…
What the f—
Grimes, you see this s—
I can’t believe my eyes
I walk in the room, I bust on lil cuties
I wanna feel on her booty, she wanna go to the movies
Come to my house and get in the jacuzzi

Doin a hoe she a cutie
I’m runnin’ around, [?]
Pop me some percs and get to it, I get me some ones to slap on her booty
Ohh, I know you a groupie
Ohh, I saw you a movie
Ohh, you wanna make a movie
I got my slime, he shoot it
Slime [?]
Hot box in a foreign ridin round with a check
They know that I do this

Hit ’em with the choppa 57 just like [?]
Hah, me and my slime ride ’round with 30 hell yeah we do this
Yeah, with Glocks

Run up on me keep a mop
Run up on me it don’t stop
I be high off the Wok, the lean
I f— on your b—- she a fiend she s—— my d— [?]
I call slime he slatt with me

Yeah, I keep the mop with me
I get that hoe out the spot
Hell nah, unless the drops on me
[?] he pass me the drip
Hell yeah, drip drop on me

I get the drip from my walk
Hell yeah, come walk with me
Bad b—- wanna stalk on me
She s— on my d—, her brains on me

Hold on Dexter
Hold on Dexter
Yeah, Gotit
Holdup, I’m destined
The Glock on top of me
AR gon’ walk on me
Chanel [?] on me
VVS diamond floss on me
Car gon’ boss on me with a beehive and some bumblebees
I keep some racks on me
Stack that s— up [?]
Lil Gotit, he YSL ape I got the drugs no tangerine

I [?] that b—- one time [?]
I told her bling bling bling
I’m making a scene
Ohh the diamond my teeth
I got a [?] surgery
Me and slime in the studio
Slime s—, Dexter
Dex talk to ’em

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