Fabolous – Black Mamba Freestyle Lyrics

Fabolous – Black Mamba Freestyle Lyrics

*Crowd chanting Kobe*
Fell asleep watching SportsCenter
Woke up on some shit
Gotta appreciate the greats

Got ’em screaming encore, they just want more
Got ’em screaming encore, they just want more

Who you know did it like Kob’? 60 to go
That’s some cold shit, call it 60 below
I mean, he play like he got ice in his veins
Shoot it in ya face from far, man, that boy gotta be nice at the range
I talked with him twice at the games, once at the Trade it All video
I’d say we had a nice little exchange of words
He said, “You gotta come and spice up the games” say, “Word?”
Kobe giving me advice it’s insane, absurd
Your favorite player you watch slice through the lane
Is putting you on the game and the price of this fame
These the things that let you know that your life’s gonna change
And that shit stuck in your head like a knife in your brain
See back then, I just wanted ice in my chain
Some sneakers, some jerseys, some flights on a plane
I mean, I was getting money started pricing little things

Chasing all the girls didn’t have a wifey to explain
Just a light skinned in the Range, the nicest with the brain
That head that make you cum before the light could even change
Woah, back to the other scoring leader
See, I was fucking with son when he wore Adidas
Number 8 and the ‘fro, they was hating him though
When you blow up why do people try deflating you though?
Like, they ain’t got 5 rings of they own
But these peasant niggas still try kings on the throne
I mean, this chick told me give her a ring or she gone
And after that she couldn’t get a ring on the phone
The number you have reached
Is no longer in service for a leech

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Remember you Lisa Turtles try to treat me like I’m Screech?
But I was Zach Morris, guess some things you can’t teach
Like them game winning shots, you gotta wanna take it
Same way you can miss it is the same way you could make it
That’s that Kobe 4th quarter shit, you saw that shit
In 2000 he threw it up and Shaq caught the shit
Nigga I be on my Jordan shit, Reggie sent the Kobe pack: Jordan 3, Jordan 8
Laker jersey coordinate
Matter of time before they call your name
Hope you ready for that Hall of Fame
April 13th, Mamba Day forever
Kobe gone, but his legacy gon’ play forever

A quick 40 for my man Kobe
They said he gave 40 to every team in the league
So I just gave y’all a quick 40
I’m on the wake up
Got ’em screaming encore, they just want more
Got ’em screaming encore, they just want more
Said I got ’em screaming encore, they just want more
Got ’em screaming encore, they just want more
From the Brooklyn boy wassup

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:Fabolous – Black Mamba Freestyle Lyrics

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