Emtee – Prayer Lyrics

  • Emtee – Prayer Lyrics

“Prayer Lyrics by Emtee”

[Verse 1]
I just wanna be a hero to all of the people that told me that I would be something
I just wanna see my son living life watching and never forgetting that daddy is hustling
I know we gonna make it
I just wanna be your favourite
These are the things that I wanna do
I could go all day but

Lord please keep mama safe
I’m tryna move to another place
See a smile on her face
My son finna rock polo forever
Just to show him daddy kept it together
Him struggle like me no never
He was born and I climbed up the ladder
Now they know my name
They love my chase
For my people me I’ll never change

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Somebody pray for me (x2)
Oh Lord
If you knew what I’m going through

[Verse 2]
He say she say who gives a damn
All this talk got me going ham
Me I stuck to the plan
I sing I write and I needed a bang
I know that mama is praying
Them haters forgot all of the shit they were saying
I’m bout to go super saiyan
They still think I’m playing
Came from the bottom got high like Jamaican
Me I’m an artist focus on your day shift
Don’t say shit especially if your swagger is just basic
Hommie just face it
I got the juice nizogcwala
La ang’fikanga mahala
I got the juice nizogcwala
Swag game got a, B on a hanna
I had a dream that I buzzing Rihanna

Somebody pray for me (x2)
Oh Lord
If you knew what I’m going through

Oh Lord

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