Duwap Kaine – Proper Etiquette Lyrics

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Proper Etiquette Lyrics by Duwap Kaine:

Go, go, go
On 50
50 done ran up, man
F— these n—– talkin’ bout, man
Go, go
Go, go, go
Go, go
Man, these n—– ain’t really gang like that, man
Go, go, go
Go, go
On gang

I ain’t tryna be between that crossfire
When my brother run from 12, he f—– up them tires
Pounds and them racks, what you gotta acquire
You usin’ that knife, I got this Glock, boy, you must be Micheal Myers
Broke boy, boy, you better get hired
Big bands, I’m a multiplier
You said you’re trapping, you’re a f—— liar
I’m a real n—-, got the streets on fire
And I trap with a proper etiquette
He not real, man, his life be edited
F— 12, hope they don’t find the evidence
He rolling that skimp blunt, like a skeleton
I’m living my life out so excellent
I trap out that damn house, yeah, the residence
I’m blowing that damn pack, it need development
I’m playing with them damn racks, it’s an estimate
Callin’ these n—– broke, they irrelevant
50 gang, in the room, I’m an elephant
In my city with my Glock, gotta represent

I walk in that Louis store, f—, what I spent?
That’s yo b—-? Man, I got yo b—- bent
Broke n—-, and his pockets got lint
I’m smoking Runtz, and you smoking the mid
I ain’t lackin’, boy, you n—– tripping
Too many b——, you think I’m pimping
He bought that Glock, just to f—— fit in
Everything 50 over here
Designer s—, it’s all over my gear
Survivor s—, I been thugging all year
I hit the Louis store, and you walk in Sears
Two cups, man, let’s take a cheer
In my heart, I don’t got no damn fear
2Pac, n—-, I got the juice
Thinking bout the streets, I pour up a deuce
Kick s— in the trap, like I’m Bruce
Okay, that’s yo b—-?

What that b—- wanna choose?
I’m a dog and I’m on the loose
He talking s—, what the f— he gone do?
I’m a young n—-, ok, cool
Gettin’ money, yeah, ok, cool
I’m smoking the best dope, ok, cool
Made a lil’ play, ok, cool
On a finsta, yeah, ok, cool
Y’all act like my sister, s— ain’t cool
Go, go, go, go

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