DreamDoll – Behind bars freestyle Lyrics

  • DreamDoll - Behind bars freestyle Lyrics

DreamDoll – Behind bars freestyle Lyrics

you know how the bullshit chit-chat goes
I don’t hang around with none of you hoe​s
Get my money and I get low
Os and the X it’s tic-tac-toe
Been with Johnny through highs and lows
Workin’ on wordplay workin’ on flows
Gettin’ my grind on settin’ my goals
We gonna hit platinum after the gold
Chest full of diamonds heart so cold
I don’t need new friends I don’t need foes
I don’t do clown s**t I’m ..
Color my hair but I never told
Mans ain’t real and that s**t shows
Said more names than he has shows
I don’t do clickbait I don’t repost
That’s ’cause I know it’ll feed the trolls
I want the cover of Vibe and Vogue
Say I got issues this I know
I been official stripes on clothes
Bitches is washin’ I can’t fold
She got my ex he was suckin’ my toes
I packed his lunchbox he gotta go
There’s a lot of s**t I could expose
Who gettin’ high?
Who down low?
If you got hearing problems that’s know
I cut ’em off I’ll cut his throat
Say you confused but act like you know
You wanted the views don’t act like you slow
Tell the awards I want the front row (Yeah)
This that new dream nightmare flow
Who really streamin’ who spinnin’ dough?
Whose givin’ head still tryna blow?
These niggas can’t touch me
I gave ’em a season don’t give me a reason you
bitches lucky (Get back get back)
They don’t wanna f**k with me ’cause they know they
bae wanna f**k me (Yah)
The prettiest b***h in the booth but the truth is that
s**t could get ugly (Mhm)

[Verse 2]
You know how the bullshit chit-chat goes
All that glitters that s**t not gold
Niggas get wild tryna get that dough
Jewelry gets snatched up s**t gets sold
Don’t link me when I let this go
Lose my address lose my phone
You be on a podcast talk so bold
I be in the studio talk like plow
Yeah I better learn with the last one no
Dream not a plaything Dream not a joke
Sleep on Dream well you better stay woke
Dream on fire want all the smoke
Minding my business I stay low
Niggas wanna cuff when s**t get cold
Album on deck and I bet s**t blow (Yeah)
Space on my wall where the plaques gon’ go (Woah)
Space in the phone where the apps gon’ go (Wow)
Place on tour where the map gon’ go
Brand new bank where the stacks gon’ go
Fed time slime where the rats gon’ go (Whoa)
Niggas be tellin’ (Niggas be tellin’)
I don’t do predators few of my peoples is predicate felons
Except for Davis I see the statements niggas be yellin’
They talk and there’s p***y coming out of their mouth
These niggas in Ellen (Ellen Ellen Ellen)

:DreamDoll – Behind bars freestyle Lyrics

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