Dax – Self proclaimed 3 Lyrics

  •  Dax - Self proclaimed 3 Lyrics

 Dax – Self proclaimed 3 Lyrics

I told them I would make this happen
I told them I didn’t need a genie fvck wishing
ima work this Eint no aladin
I told them everything was all imagined
And that my mind was just a weapon that
I metaled in to make magnets

Told them I would win
I wouldn’t never stop
Told them I would make it
Told them I would fucking climb up to the top
How I did it, climbed mountains wasn’t afraid of the drop
Put my city on my back With a bucket and a mop
What you thought?
That I would pack up and quit?
My mom would slap me in the face say she eint raise no bitch
3rd chapter of the story, now that broke boi rich
But his mentality eint gon switch

I guess I’m on now I put my life into this music
manifested what you see through all these songs now
I cannot calm down they tried to rain on my parade
its a brigade it’s like I’m walking through a storm now
Fuck what you gotta say
Fuck mediocrity
100 niggas tried not one is ever stopping me
Speak it to existence yes that is my philosophy
I was born broke but refuse to die in poverty
See it’s the law of attraction
If you think it you can have it
If you see it you can grab it
If you speak it then you put in the time You build habits
Fuck average convince yourself you can be
the best fucker on theplanet
And you know this

You have to stay focused
Anything could happen you could die at this moment
You only get one life to live so take it and own it
Your biggest threat is yourself you your biggest opponent
They gon lie to your face and try to tell you you’re broken
Don’t listen God got u if your born you’re chosen
Get your life in motion
Stop dreaming stop wishing stop crying start praying
start living stop hoping
You Remember me? The one you picked last, the one that
that you clowned, said he was trash I took all of your
comments then I put them in a bag then I went
and bought a bat and started beating on my craft
I don’t need no introduction

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Me losings out of discussion
Get that stuck in yo head just like concussions
My dreams chase me I woke up and stopped running
Looked em dead in the eye you should of knew that I was coming
I eint special if I can do it you can do it
This Eint mainstream rap this is motivational music
You have talent please use it
It’s yours just choose it
Stop sitting on the bench
Sub in and go stupid
Then don’t look back

This life is yours you must drive it you can’t afford to crash
Your futures brights you must light it you must learn from yo past
It goes by super fast
Forget a handout you don’t need it get yo own back
Forget approval you don’t need it you yo own man
Go Tell the world that you’re the greatest then go own that
Take yo soul back
Keep yo head up in the rain
Speak yo life into existence become self proclaimed
If you need it I will be here in yo head
speaking words you’ll need if defeated
You can and will yes plz just believe it
You great I can see it

:Lyrics Self proclaimed 3 – Dax

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