Cojack X Julio foolio – Beatbox Remix Lyrics

Beatbox Remix Lyrics – Cojack

He was dissing in them songs
Knock his means off
Say he smoking bibby I’ll knock a fan off
Pull up stop the car, you know I like to rundown
That’s that fucking choppa sound
Smoking shug on 6block
Heard he crashed out
Rolling dead opps
HE cough a headshot
Big boss gone

We got ’em scared now
He was dissing in them songs
What he saying now
Ar with them 50 rounds
Knocked his dread off
50k on your head let that bag talk
I’mma walk ’em down
Ain’t no stand off
Niggas playing hard
But he really soft
Proesper got shot
Tay got shot
Desi got dropped
Spazz face hot

Corbin got kidnapped
They found his bones he was root
Meechy was the boss
They knocked his ass off
John act a fool till they walked his ass down
5 in the ground
Curtis felt them rounds
Corbing got kidnapped lost
Got his ass found
Ride with a old stick with my new bitch
Caught a rapper at the mall
Beat him real quick

Turn the light on we just hit the kill switch
Know the real you
Know you a real bitch
Ride in scat pack
Cool down black black
Just fuck the opps thot
nishiah ahh real fat
This ain’t no regular weed
Dead niggas this real pack
[?] and lammar they some real rate

:Beatbox Remix Lyrics – Cojack

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