Barren – Peekin Lyrics

Barren – Peekin Lyrics

Peekin thru the screen door
Tryna figure out
How I ma call outta work today
Maybe I can think of something
That they ll possibly believe
Pick up the phone and dial that number
I can t make it If you had wondered
Hang up that b***h
And see what s good with the boys
Got the rest of the day
To try and avoid
Being seen in public
That ain t no choice
I know you wanna hear me sing
But I think I lost my voice
Racking my mind
With every outcome
That I can seem to indulge
I m taking our time
Perfecting this album
Till it s perfect we ain t gonna budge

Yeah the full moon got me thinking
This whole thing won t be so clean
And I don t think I ma make a
Smooth exit from this scene
I know you look at, me a little differently
From the average Joe
But you motherfuckers better know
Yeah I don t take too kindly
To strangers tryna try me
Yeah b***h you better try me

I found home in the ocean
And these drugs always potent
Steady keepin me floatin
Been countin my days
While I m fightin the waves
I m divin head first
B***h move out of my way
Yeah me and the homies
Jus tryna get paid
By pouring our hearts out
We keep movin on
Yeah nobody can stop us
Failure was never an option
I ll finish this song
Then I ll hop in my grave
Hoping that it will comfort the pain
See you swervin b***h
Better stay in your lane
Yeah you heard that the boys
At the top of their game

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It s a long way down
I hope you go land on your feet
And shift back into gear
Then maybe you ll be in the clear
If you d ask right now
I d probably tell you the same thing
I m doin fuckin amazing
I wonder if you feel the same thing

F**k what you thought
You can take it or leave it
I ll do what I want
And ill keep it a secret
Ash on my shirt
Yeah it burn it ain t hurt
B***h I ll finally relax
When I m under the dirt

So that evens out the odds
Where does that leave us?
I don t care this time
Yeah it takes me hours to think
Maybe I will sink and see you in my next life

:Barren – Peekin Lyrics

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